REST Whirlpool System

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Peace comes with quiet


The beating of a heart. The lapping of the tide. The lilt of the breeze.


The gadgets and grind of modern society obscure these natural rhythms of life. Get back in touch with such sounds of solitude and you attune your mind and body to a holistic, harmonious state.

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A revolution in Rest

Your ears deserve the same luxurious treatment as your muscles but spa noise can easily disrupt even the most tranquil atmosphere. MAAX puts that concern to Rest, a silent whirlpool massage system available on bathtubs with our True Whirlpool, Hydromax or Hydrofeel massage systems.


Rest lets you do just as its name implies with a sound an incredible 66% quieter than the average whirlpool system. By recycling the pump's energy to transfer heat to the water all the while using less energy, Rest calmly hums at a decibel level just a whisper above that of a rain shower.


What are the benefits of using a silent whirlpool?

Noise is an undeniable source of stress and a moment of silence can renew physical and mental balance, allowing the body to find the proper rhythm of breathing heartbeat.


Keep the heat

This feature maintains water at the right temperature. Continuous heat can heal damaged tissue, relieve back stiffness and pain, and increase flexibility and comfort.


Energy Savings

This feature uses 350 Watts less energy than our regular systems.