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Since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs and in lands as far away as the exotic East, people have embraced the art of reflexology for a healthier, more harmonious internal state of being. It all begins with the right touch.


Footmax focuses on the body's internal harmonies that connect precise locations on the soles of one's feet to muscles and systems throughout. Flowing water jets will massage various pressure points on each of your feet triggering the relief of stress, easing of tension, and alleviation of the many aches and pains you carry around.  


Exclusive to selected MAAX Collection bathtubs, Footmax will provide you with a relaxing yet invigorating treatment that can start (or end) your every day on the right foot.

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What is reflexology?

Practitioners of reflexology believe the more than 7,000 nerves found in each human foot have corresponding endpoints in 10 "zones" around the body. Stimulating a particular spot on the foot with pressure and movement, the earliest followers thought, increases the flow energy to its mirror point elsewhere in the body, bringing a person back into internal alignment. Science show reflexology may release endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, to promote healing by easing anxiety and pain. It may also promote lymphatic flow, a vital part of how the body naturally detoxifies itself.