Olympia Square Base - New Product




Designer, stainless steel square drain

• Easier to clean than standard, round drain cap

• Blends with square or rectangular wall tiling

• Fits standard drain fittings

• Center, right, left drain options










Non-porous acrylic floor with textured no-slip surface

• Durable, easy to clean surface

• More resistant to bacteria, mold and soap-scum build up

• Reinforced with wood fiberglass overlay to enhance weight resistance,
  user's feel of solidity underfoot






Olympia Square Base


Stand proudly with comfort and security you feel from your toes up with our new Olympia shower bases. It starts at the bottom with our sturdy and superior acrylic rectangular base. This easy-to-clean nonporous base features a textured floor and a low 3-inch threshold so you can step in and out without worry. You'll find the contemporary-designed square stainless steel grid and ABS drain easier to clean than traditional round drain cap and a perfect match for square or rectangular wall tiling.


Olympia shower bases are available in alcove or corner configurations in two sizes: 48-by-32 inches (features a center drain) or the larger 60-by-32 model (with left or right drain options). Each adds to your peace of mind with our 10-year warranty.



    Low 3-inch threshold

      • Allows easier access for showering
      • Low profile less intrusive to bathroom flow


    48" x 32" and 60" x 32" rectangular model available

    Alcove and corner installation models available

    10-year warranty