Aura Tub and Shower Door


AURA SC 8 mm tub and shower doors featuring our innovative Soft Close by MAAX feature



Soft Close

Soft Close by MAAX
Innovation for peace of mind

Prevents slamming  - No more startling slams

Child-friendly  - No more pinched fingers

Soft and Silent  - Ear-friendly gradual close


Soft Close


Available on Aura SC 8mm only









Design Options

Blend our Aura doors into any bathroom décor, from traditional to trendy, by selecting from multiple styles and design options for glass and frame finish. Our reversible header bar comes with a rounded side and a flat side. Select the side that best suits your needs for the look you desire





The Safe & Sound Door

MAAX’s latest innovations bring quiet and peace of mind to bathrooms with its versatile Aura line of stylish yet durable semi-frameless doors for showers and tub showers.


Aura doors glide with a silky whisper as our superior design secures frame and panels to prevent rattling and reduce impact.  The optional SOFT CLOSE by MAAX feature eliminates accidental slams and pinched fingers forever.  Multiple dimensions, frame finishes and style options make Aura the versatile door that can blend into nearly any bathroom environment.



    Soft Close by MAAX

    You’ll love the “No Bang” effect with our optional SOFT CLOSE feature.  This feature keeps ears and fingers safe by easing the door shut no matter how hard you slam it.  


    Smooth High Quality Roller Wheels

    With these smooth yet durable roller wheels your door glides consistently with a whisper’s ease.


    Header Lock

    Safely and firmly secures frame to door jamb


    Panel anti-jump

    Special clips keep glass panels in place


    Silent guide

    Padded divider stabilizes panels during door opening and closing, providing a rattle-free door