MAAX Innovations

MAAX innovates with you in mind

« Measure twice, cut once »
– English proverb

Research, development, and invention are the three cornerstones at MAAX to sustain and enhance our innovative practices. Our thoroughness to develop products that provide innovative solutions, ease of installation, comfort, and style are our driving force.  At MAAX, we’ve experienced realizing many projects, from ideas put on paper, to our customers and business partners request. As we continuously strive for excellence through innovation, our enjoyment has stemmed from sharing our successes, and most importantly, our experiences, with you.



Lotus glass protection

Repels soap and water stains

Lotus glass protection is easy to clean and has a non-stick surface with high-wear resistance.


F2 Drain

The innovative solution for freestanding bathtub installation!

The F2 Drain is quick and easy to use, saving you time on freestanding bathtub installation.


Soft Close

Bringing innovation for peace of mind…

MAAX’s latest innovation brings quiet and peace of mind to bathrooms by introducing its unique SOFT CLOSE by MAAX feature.


ALLIA Generation+

For a lifetime of clean living

Whether you have a young family or are on your own, our accessible and easily adaptable GENERATION + models let you prepare for tomorrow's needs today.


Freestanding Bathtubs Innovation

Builder-Ready Freestanding Bathtubs

Innovative features that make installation easy and affordable no matter how tight the deadline, the bottom line or even the room.

Halo & Reveal

Shower doors innovation

Always ahead of the curve

Tastes and needs are always evolving. So is MAAX. We actively solicit our customers and business partners for feedback...

Freestanding Ella Pink Martini

Bathtub Design Inspiration

The art of freestanding bathtubs

Have the look of a luxury hotel suite with the benefits of spa resort in the privacy of your bathroom by indulging in a MAAX Collection freestanding bathtub.

Lite Deck Optik

Bathtub elegance

"Lite" deck bathtubs

A growing trend for those wanting a look of elegance and luxury...

KDS 3232 Kleara

Shower bases Design

Raising the bar by lowering the threshold

Step into your shower with ease, confidence and style when you step up to MAAX's low threshold shower bases...