Brioso bathtub - New Product


 Brioso Freestanding By MAAX

Maximized bathingwell for ultimate comfort. 

Brioso's deep and spacious bathingwell  offers a comfortable and  enjoyable bathing experience. 

 Brioso Freestanding By MAAX

Express yourself with color.

Embrace your individuality and character, and express yourself through color. Energize your bathroom design with one of our distinct bathtub colored skirt available in: Platinum Gray, Ruby or Black.

  Brioso Freestanding By MAAX

Ample deck space

The ample deck space allows you to customize your faucets  and fixtures to your unique taste, with a wide variety of deck-mounted or freestanding faucet models.  




Elegant and Soothing


Traditional style combined with modern design savvy are brought forth with the Brioso freestanding bathtub. With its clean lines and oval shape the Brioso is a treat for the eyes and can transform any bathroom into a refined and stylish space. The deep bathing well is designed with your comfort in mind for the ultimate bathing experience.


    Easy installation

    Freestanding bathtub installation has never been easier with MAAX innovative solutions. The Brioso is compatible with F2 Drain that can help save time and money. MAAX innovative leveling legs and Above-the-Floor Rough allow for a quick and easy installation in renovation projects and new constructions without demolition or costly and time consuming plumbing modifications.

    2-piece bathtub with 1-piece look

    1 bathtub: 2-piece combines straight and curvaceous lines with a concealed seam.

    MAAX Innovative adjustable legs

    Leveling a freestanding bathtub has never been easier. MAAX’s innovative adjustable legs have an impressive 3 inch height range that requires no tools to adjust and firmly lock in place. Three vertical reference numbers eliminate guesswork, allowing for quick setting of each leg to the same height. Increased floor-to-leg contact area ensures secure footing. MAAX Innovative adjustable legs.