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Depending upon your requirements, you can select a wide range of options and configurations to fulfill all your needs.



Allia Tub Shower Zoom Imgae


Wether you have a young family or are your own, our accessible and easily adaptable GENERATION + models let you prepare for tomorrow needs today. Each model accommodates a wide range of abilities and sensibilities with intelligently designed features that evolve with your living situation without sacrificing style.









Generation +

Generation+, the Meaning of Adaptability

GENERATION + features balance your priority of comfort and peace of mind and allows graceful adaptation through the years, from preening parent to active adult, cradle to cane, for universal user-friendliness and security.

It starts with standards that appeal to a broad base of ages and abilities as wide and comfortable bathing well.

Then choose the GENERATION + individual options or packages that suit your lifestyle:

• Grab bar in a variety of styles and finishes
• Removable transfer seats
• Reinforced walls to support current or future grab-bar and
  seat placement.




Superior Style & Construction


A complete line of smart, durable 1-piece or multi-piece acrylic tub showers for easy installation and lifetime of clean living.











    Installs with ease

    Multiple configurations available for optimal flexibility. ALLIA units come in industry-standard sizes for easy fit and offer abundant plumber-friendly features to make you save work, time and money.

    Above-the Floor Rough (AFR)

    3” AFR – leaves enough space to pipe directly under the tub to the floor drain to help you avoid breaking ground, deadlines or a sweat.

    State-of-the-art Design

    Modern style featuring sleek lines, asymmetrical walls, minimalist apron, ample storage space, and stylish grab bars.

    Available dimensions

    • Tub Shower 60” x 32” x 79”
    • Tub Shower with roof cap 60” x 32” x 88”